Old Vine Kitchen and Bar

Since 2007 Old Vine has redefined dining in Orange County; first, for more than a decade as the beloved Old Vine Café, and now as the expanded Old Vine Kitchen & Bar. The award-winning restaurant, operated by chef-owner Mark McDonald and sommelier-owner Kate Perry, serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, curating the best of food, wine, and cocktails in a non-pretentious, casual atmosphere. Old Vine remains deeply committed to their tested philosophy of featuring regional cuisine, quality products, and fostering authentic connections with customers.

For almost 12 years McDonald led the helm at Old Vine Café, building a loyal customer community around food, wine, and travel through his seasonal menus, hosting guest chef events, and leading clients on twice yearly trips to Italy. With Old Vine Kitchen & Bar he joins forces with longtime Old Vine sommelier Kate Perry, embarking on a new chapter of championing an eclectic offering of food, wine, and cocktails. As a certified sommelier, Perry draws on her training to create guest experiences that feature wine education and that encourage people to try new wines and varietals outside of their comfort zone. Together, McDonald and Perry use their combined culinary and wine expertise to craft the unparalleled food and wine pairings that have become a hallmark of their menu.

With the 2019 expansion, diners now enjoy a newly designed restaurant space featuring custom metalwork by Mark Gerardi. The restaurant also showcases a series of abstract paintings by artist Paul Kole, along with his work on 80 hand-painted menu canvases. Old Vine Kitchen & Bar maintains their signature intimate seating in the dining room, while adding a full bar, cocktail program, lounge seating, and enclosed outdoor patio that can be reserved for private events.

Engagement with customers and the community remains a priority for McDonald and Perry. They are proud to partner with Melissa’s Produce and local farmers, and can often be found participating in local festivals and events. Chef Mark continues booking spaces for the twice-annual Splendors of Italy tours, culinary-driven vacations through Calabria, Sicily, Basilicata and other regions of southern Italy that feature hands-on cooking lessons from master chefs; winery, historical site, and agriturismo visits; and multi-course meals featuring regional cuisine. Additionally, Chef Mark does international consulting and teaches at the Italian Culinary Institute in Italy where he previously trained as a culinary student under Master Italian Chef John Nocita.


Original, one-of-a-kind, 11 x 14" mixed media artworks created for and sold exclusively through Old Vine Market.
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Menus, a series of 80 works in acrylic and enamel produced in December 2018 through January 2019. These works were created using a variety of ways to manipulate the paint as well as its flow on 11 x 14 x 5/8" primed, stretched canvas. These works might be considered to explore notions of chance, abstraction, and color affection.

In early 2020, as the world was introduced to "Covid19", restaurants in California were forced to go digital with their menu offerings resulting in Old Vine Kitchen and Bar retiring these original hand painted menu holders thus depriving their clientele the unique experience they offered. Now these paintings can be viewed as exhibited works of art throughout Old Vine's many charming seating areas, most notably, their rooftop dining section known as "The Roof". These small works retain the metal menu holders displaying their story, history, and original purpose.

The Old Vine Kitchen and Bar Menus Book showcases all 80 artworks in their original form, in color, and full page format.

Menus are the Permanent Collection of Old Vine Kitchen & Bar.