Paul Kole (b. 1969, Anaheim, CA) is known for his abstracts on wood and uncommon use of materials. He has been exploring the essence, boundaries and perceived definitions of abstraction since 1992 with private collections across the United States and Internationally.
 Choosing life experience as his artistic guide, Paul Kole has worked in many fields with the intention of participating, learning, and growing then applying this living knowledge to his creations. Construction, interior design, business management, gallery preparator, exhibition design, retail display, fashion design, food management, product design, and more were mentally, emotionally, and spiritually coalesced. These personal experiences can be seen throughout his offerings in technique, materials, composition, size, perspective and inspiration. Although drawing and designing since childhood, 1992 is when he discovered painting. His first painting titled "North Carolina" was purchased before it was dry. Over the next few years, Paul created "The Art House", a quarterly art show in his residence. This led to coffee shop and local group shows, pop up art events, film festival exhibitions, commissions, print houses, private and corporate acquisitions.
 The most profound influence upon his creative process arrived while performing as preparator for one of the largest privately owned galleries in the United States. With direct access to top artists, he was able to engage and share insights with other artists from around the world. These opportunities were vital to the expansion of his voice and vision.
 With a seeming unlimited creative energy and intuitive perspective, patrons discover multiple manifestations of his expressive endeavors in many forms other than his paintings. These include film, photography, furniture, jewelry, sculpture, style perspectives, utilitarian concepts, and consumable products.

Resides and works in Orange County, Palm Desert, Arizona, and resort stay-cations. Founder of ARTXPOPUP, a Biannual Art Exhibition Cooperative.

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